The art of stone cutting is not mastered overnight.

Often as not, this line of work passes on from one generation to the other since it takes so long to master. We share our knowledge so that you can streamline your production and thus continue to focus on the craft.


Consult us when you’re planning your saw production. We can discern where the opportunities for increased productivity lie.

We supply logistics systems that provide a better overview of the total production, and we can assist you when planning to buy individual machines or machinery for entire production lines.


We assemble the machines we sell and provide training on how to use them. We also offer periodic service and maintenance of machines.

Our machines are made by the Italian company Bacci Dino. Together we customise machines for your needs. We also help you in choosing the diamond tools that perform best with the machines, and we can recommend which settings you should use to get optimum results.

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Diamond cutting blade

Looking for high-quality diamond cutting blades for the stone industry? Our company has been developing top-notch diamond tools since 2006 to help you boost efficiency. Find the perfect diamond cutting blade for your needs today.

Polishing and calibration tools

We offer high-quality brushes, grinding blocks and polishing discs – everything you need to create exactly the textures you want.

Drills and hand tools

Diamond drills for both wet and dry drilling in marble and granite. Hand tools for fast and precise grinding and polishing of flat surfaces and edges.


Robust chisels for your manual and mechanical splitting of slate and concrete.


Qualitative machines for optimised production! In cooperation with the Italian company Bacci Dino, we deliver user-friendly machines with the capacity you need.


Reusing the water benefits both the environment and your company’s finances.


Get the most out of Peska’s tools through consultation, assembly, training and service.